Michelle and Adrian, Ascot Vale 2017

We came across Sean and Renovation One while watching them build in an adjacent street. During our own extension design process we became keen observes of local builders and noticed that Renovation One didn’t do the stop -start we were frequently seeing elsewhere. Each day we would walk past and admire the progress and the quality of their work.

When their tender for our extension came in at a similar price to other builders we were delighted. What stood out to us was the passion Sean and his team have for their craft, they were eager to work alongside us and create our vision. We designed our build ourselves and experimented with new-to-the market products and concepts. While other builders appeared daunted by this or were eager to suggest more mundane approaches, Sean appeared excited by it.

We lived on site during the build so got to see the whole process. The framers, plumbers, electricians, plasters, painters and everyone else involved took incredible pride in their work. They all presented as craftsman and not tradies. For Sean to have accrued such a fabulous team is a credit to him and the integrity of Renovation One.

When searching for a builder we heard many horror stories and the occasional one about the real gem builder that made the process easy with their professionalism and skill.  For us Renovation One was that gem. We are incredibly grateful and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Michelle and Adrian