Rachel Antonik, Ascot Vale. 2012

Throughout the tender and renovation and beyond, you have been and continue to be professional, friendly and attentive.

Dear Sean,

Thank you…..Thank you for identifying the issue of underground water, for digging the foundations deeper and for professionally resolving this issue. I understand you absorbed the cost of this aspect of the job and I am very grateful for this. I am also very grateful for your persistence and eventual solution of the aggi drain and underground drainage system. I know this took a huge amount of time and resources…..Thank you for your tolerance and flexibility along the way I know there were a lot of variations and changes throughout this process. Note to future clients – expect variations, but aim to keep them to a minimum as much as is possible, especially in renovations. …..Thank you for building a beautiful home, which absolutely has added a greater sense of calm, peace and harmony in our lives…..

Yours sincerely
Rachel Antonik