Ron and Moira, Moonee Ponds 2018

Journey to find a builder:

The journey to find a builder started May 2016. We met and interviewed 6 builders. We were keen on one particular builder; but he was unable to commit or give us a quote.

So we did a google search and came across Renovation One. I met with Sean Kiley at 42 Park St in late January 2017 to look at the property. He was the first builder to give us a quote in February 2017.

We looked at a Renovation he was doing in early March 2017. We were impressed with his work and his relationship he had with his staff. Even though he was an avid Richmond supporter. We arranged for him to met with us at our house in Niddrie on 27 March 2017 at 7 pm to sign the building contract. 7 pm came and went,7.30 pm came and went. I rang him on his mobile, no answer. I joked to Moira he was probably at the Richmond v Carlton game, the first game of the 2017 AFL season.

The next day he contacted me and appoligised for the mix up, as he was at the Richmond v Carlton game. Little did we know it was Tiger time.

Building Permit Delayed

The build didn’t start until May 15 2017 as the building permit was delayed for a month. We had a tight timetable as we were selling our Niddrie house on June 24 2017 with a settlement date of November 17 2017. A period of just 6 months. Sean was confident he could work to this tight timetable.

When we would ask Sean how the schedule was going he would reply -‘There is only one speed,full steam ahead’

During the build

The craftsmanship during the build was exemplary. From the carpentry, tiling, plastering, plumbing to the painting.

We also like the fact he had apprentices working on the job under the supervision of a craftsman. More companies should be employing apprentices for the future.

Communication was fantastic -via his website, smart phone or in person. He was always contactable and willing to discuss the smallest detail and give knowledgeable options. I also liked it when meeting with us he did not take any mobile calls. When we rang him and he was not available we assumed he was with a client. We would leave a message and he would ring us back that day.


When renovating with Renovation One you are dealing directing with the Director of the company – Sean Kiley.

We found him to be professional, honest, trustworthy and a person of integrity. We got a person who has been renovating and building homes for 17 years. This experience is invaluable in terms of knowledge, ideas and a network of competent and highly skilled tradesman/craftsman. We were working to a tight timeline and he completed the build in 6 months.

The following are examples of his innovative ideas:

* pull down stairs to the attic for additional storage

* underfloor heating in the bathroom and ensuite

* hopper windows to allow heat out of our vaulted ceiling in the dinning/lounge area

* use of shiplap blackbutt timber rather than bricks for the house which looks great

He was always inclusive and included Moira in all discussions. Not something l suspect all builders do. We wish he had been the first builder we interviewed, rather than the last.

Our only concern is Sean likes Sauvignon Blanc! Imagine Dusty Martin at three-quarter time saying ‘l can’t wait to have a Sauvignon Blanc after the game’. Not likely; rather he would be looking for a full bodied Rutherglen Durif or Bendigo Shiraz. This is an area Sean will need to work on.

Sean Kiley and the team at Renovation One come with our highest recommendation. You would be foolish not to at least talk to Sean if you are thinking of building or renovating.

Don’t delay he is in demand for a very good reason.

Ron and Moira Casey