This House Never Ends

Nestled in a heritage protected inner-city suburb of Melbourne this is a home with a sense of discovery. Designing a family home can be a complex venture: a house should be functional, environmentally sensitive, affordable and a good fit into the neighbourhood. A home should provide shelter with a sense of space that is your own; it should be light filled and warm. This determines siting, layout, room proportions and the articulation of the building fabric through openings, materials and details

Open to The Sky. Upstairs areas in inner-city houses can often be neglected due to overlooking, building bulk and overshadowing. In many cases, they have very little relationship with the immediate neighbourhood. This house does the opposite: a first-floor patio accessible from the lounge and study is private but provides views of neighbouring buildings as well as your own. A private terrace on the second floor allows for views over rooftops, the city and the nearby mountains.

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