A Modern Family.

A truly well thoughtout design and build has enabled this modern home to be self sufficient as well as elegant. The characteristic cantilevered front entry wraparound defines this homes facade and forms a profoundly impressive entry. The use of light weight Colourbond V joint cladding on the first floor offsets the Austral Graphite brick on the lower. North facing windows in the courtyard and rear facade capture the warmth of the winter sun, while the fully internal courtyard acts as a 8 metre high funnel to redirect the hotter summer air from the ground and first floor hallway windows to outside and thus naturally cooling the home. The thermal mass of the polished concrete floor stores the solar energy of the day, re-radiating it at night therefore reducing the need for excessive use of the hydronic slab heating.

The project features;

  • Commercial double glazed windows.
  • Timber Oak paneled cabinetry.
  • Marble benchtops.
  • Polish concrete Hyper floor.

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